What do you wash with?

Most of us don’t even think about what we wash with but did you know that handmade bars of soap are better for you? If only everyone knew what a massive difference there is between a commercially produced bar of soap and one made by hand using the traditional cold process method (that we use here at The Cotswold Soap Co.), I am sure there would be a lot less complaints about dry skin.

Handmade soap is fairly easy to make at home using basic ingredients. The finished product, if made to a good recipe, is actually really kind to skin especially to anyone who like me might suffer from eczema or other skin conditions. The main difference with our handmade soap is that all of the natural oils and natural glycerine that is formed when the soap is made, remains in the bar. This is removed when a soap is made commercially and may explain why certain brands take so much effort to explain all about the added moisturisers their products have.

What goes into soap?

Well soap can be made from any oil or fat (not mineral oil) by chemically reacting it with a caustic alkali. The bars we make are made using Sodium Hydroxide as the caustic alkali. When mixed with our carefully chosen oils and fats, a completely new product is made. Soap!

Each and every bar of soap we make is made up of pure vegetable oils and I choose to use a mixture of Olive, Coconut and Rapeseed oils as they produce a soap which is kind to the skin and lathers well (none of our products contain Palm oils). The natural glycerine which is a by-product of the chemical reaction, stays in the soap (glycerine is very kind to the skin). This is why handmade soap is far kinder to our skin than any “soap” commercially produced… FACT.

If you have any questions on soap making or fancy having a go yourself do get in touch, i would be more than happy to offer any advice you may need!

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