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The Cotswold Soap Co. Rapeseed Fields About UsI’m delighted that you have stumbled across it! Let me introduce myself… Born and raised in the Cotswolds I’m a thirty (ish) year old married mother of two boys, owner of a cat, a dog and handful of fish. I have a love of the countryside, all things girly and a little bit of vintage.

Behind the scenes here at The Cotswold Soap Co. the last few months have been pretty hectic, all of our soaps have now been assessed by Scott Grainger CSci CChem MRSC and meet all current E.U. regulations, this means that there is nothing nasty in them that is going to harm your skin.

The website design and photography has all been carried out by fellow Cotswoldian, Cotswold Web Design and I have to admit the service they have provided has been excellent. On our initial meeting I arrived with an A4 piece of paper, I had drawn a “homepage” on it and said “can you make a website that looks like this…?” A few weeks and a photography session later, this is the result, (to say I am very proud of my website is an understatement). As time goes on the website will of course evolve and expand with the business, Cotswold Web Design, if you are reading, I hope you are ready!

A milestone has been reached, our first batch of soaps have been de-molded and cut. They have been curing for around four weeks, like cheese and fine wine – soap only gets better with age. While the soaps are curing, we are busy working on ideas to expand the range, watch this space!


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The Cotswold Soap Co. Cutting Of The Soap

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