Keeping your handmade soap bars firm:

I often get asked how to stop handmade soaps from going mushy or soft, over the years I have tried various different methods for keeping my handmade soap bars harder and lasting longer. The main factor in keeping your soaps in tip top condition is to keep them from sitting in water for long periods of time.

Here are a few of my tried and tested ideas…

♡ If you don’t have a soap dish, place your soap on it’s end and keep the wide sides off damp surfaces.

♡ If you still don’t have a soap dish.. fold up a dry face cloth and place your soap on it.

♡ Ceramic soap dishes can look nice but make sure that any remaining water can drain through the bottom of it.

♡ Wire racks work well but if your soap is already soft the wires may cut into your bars.

Whatever works best for you, allow your soap bar to dry in between uses.


What we are using

Having finally managed to convince my husband and children that instead of using the latest glow in the dark body wash (or whatever shower gel their favourite footballer is advertising this week), a natural handmade soap bar is far better for their skin.

We have now all chosen our favourites and have a soap bar each, after every use we keep them on “wooden ridged” soap dishes to allow them to drain and dry. We have no more complaints of soggy soap.

Our top four handmade soaps… Let me know your favourites x

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