A visit to the farm:

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the farm where the rapeseed oil that goes into each and every bar of our soap is produced. Less than five miles down the road from our workshop in the Cotswolds, local farmers Hamish & Robert Campbell of R-Oil are working hard turning those beautiful fields of yellow in to 100% natural rapeseed oil.

The Cotswold Soap Co. Rapeseed Farming Oil


The Rapeseed once harvested is dried and run through a cleaner before entering a hopper above the press where the seed is dispensed and then pressed to separate the oil from the rapecake. The oil goes through various different tanks before going through a main filter. Finally, the oil is bottled / canned on the farm ready for sale.

While at the farm, we experienced the manufacturing of the oil first hand, the lovely nutty fragrance of the oil was prominent on first entering the press room.

I was surprised at how much effort actually goes into the production, I think we all take it for granted that these products are readily available in the supermarkets, and thats why we feel its so important to support our local farmers. It was amazing to see all of the crop being utilised too.

Farming is changing and the role of farmer along with it. At R-Oil they are now able to farm sustainably. They run a service whereby waste oil from the catering trade is turned it into bio-diesel to run the farm vehicles and all of the oil by-products are turned into animal feed which means that absolutely none of the crop is wasted.

The Cotswold Soap Co. Rapeseed OIl Production

Showing our support

Here at The Cotswold Soap Co. we are very proud to be able to source our main ingredient so locally, it is so important to buy from local suppliers and farmers to ensure that our local businesses and communities survive in these harsh economic times.
If you would like to know more about any of the oils we use or where you can find our products locally, feel free to comment and I will be sure to reply.

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